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My WHY for Don't Be Average 

I never want anyone to feel like I did at one point of time in my life. The feeling that you need to conform to the world just to be accepted or liked. Going down this path eventually turned me into a person of Loneliness, Low Self Esteem, Insecurity, Desperate, and Heartbroken. By the grace of God, I found His Love and my Purpose. Since then I have aligned myself with Gods will so he can use me to help others. The biggest thing I learned is to be who you are. Embrace who you are! God only made ONE of you and that clothing brand does not define you. We are all the same and made in Christ. Don't Be Average is here to help you find CONFIDENCE in your own skin and PURPOSE in this world, no matter your age! It's time to start walking in your PURPOSE. Walking in your purpose will cause you to encounter Challenges, Rejection, and Obstacles. People will look at you crazy, but life is too short to be somebody else. Remember anything that is big once started off small.                                                                                                               

   Don't Be Average



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